Safety in Yaounde

General informations

Mugging and armed banditry are a problem throughout Cameroon but particularly in Yaounde. For your safety, avoid isolated or poorer areas of towns, example in Yaounde La Briquetterie and Mokolo market. Avoid walking around night, particularly alone. Be vigilant in public places, trouble can flare up unexpectedly (eg at football matches). Make sure car doors are lock when driving around. Furthermore, avoid wearing jewelry and only carry small amounts of cash and valuables. Close and lock all doors and windows, particularly at night. Identify callers through spy holes before opening doors, especially late at night.


Safety recommandations

Theft is common on trains, coaches and bush taxis and around bus stations and hotels. Taxis in cities operate like buses, picking up passengers while there is still room in the car. They often take indirect routes and many don’t meet basic safety requirements. There have been reports of violent assaults and robberies on taxi passengers. Only use trusted taxis and preferably book one from your hotel or restaurant.

Avoid all travel by road at night in rural areas, particularly on the Yaounde-Douala trunk road. Plan your journey carefully and travel in convoy, where possible. You can drive using a UK driving licence or International Driving Permit on first arrival. Nevertheless, you can obtain a Cameroonian driving licence from the Delegation of Transport as soon as possible. Make sure any car you hire have insurance with written confirmation from insurance company (rather than the car hire firm). In case you hire a driver and car, make sure you are not liable for any accident or damage.


Contact police department

In case of any trouble, you can get in touch with Police department by calling 117. If you have been a victim of fraud from a police official, you should call 1500. In case of fire, please contact the fire service through this number 118.

Famous food delicacies in Yaounde


Basic food in Cameroon include cassava, yams, rice, plantain, potatoes, sweet potatoes, maize, beans, millet. A wide variety of taro and a wide variety of vegetables. The French introduce French bread widely consume and a staple in French-speaking regions of Cameroon (Yaounde and Douala). While in English-speaking parts (South-West), British breads known locally as “Kumba bread” and less rich form of rollers. The main source of protein for most people is fish, poultry is also eat and beef. Bushmeat, was commonly consum, the most sought after species in Yaounde being the pangolin, porcupine and giant rat. Although, because of their rarity, they are now consider as candies. There is also a thriving illegal trade in endangered bushmeat species such as chimpanzees and gorillas.


Traditional Food

Traditional food differs according to the regions you visit, each with its own specialties. In Yaounde and in Central Province more generally, the typic foods are kpwem, ndomba nam, nam wondo and okok. Kpwem is make from crushed cassava leaves mixed with palm nut juice. Its usually edible with plantain bananas, macabo (a variety of tubers that cook like potatoes), cassava sticks. Its a nutritious food, which is basic diet of the majority of population and its known to increase longevity.

The ndomba nam, meanwhile, is serve in most restaurants in Yaounde. It is fish or meat, mixed with peanut puree, all stewed in banana leaves. The nam wondo is a kind of ndomba, edible with miondos or bobolos (small sticks of manioc). Finally, okok is a vegetarian dish, made from gnetum leaves cooke in palm nut juice, to which crush peanuts add.



Cameroonian food is diversify and its a real pleasure to eat local fruits and vegetables. As an illustration of this you have oranges, bananas, plantains, cassava, peanuts, fish like captain. This country is one of the most productive in Africa. Finally, the main chance for Cameroonians is to have a fairly efficient farming. Early morning in street we can see small crowds, people eat donuts-beans and drink cornmeal, standing or seatting. But there is also a whole range of restaurants where you can be serve all day long. It starts with little eateries where we eat Cameroonian dishes: ndolé, meat steeped in aromatic herbs. Further you have food name “foufou” in Cameroon which is cornmeal that would fill the stomachs. Grill chickens with a delicious sauce and skewers of all kinds, these dishes are serve with rice, fries or plantain.

Economic Status of Yaounde


Yaounde is a hilly and undulating city, getting your orientation right can be very challenging. At 750 m above sea level with a beautiful view of greens surrounding the city. With economic status, Yaounde provides visitors very pleasant scenic views and mild climatic condition throughout the year. This gives Yaounde inhabitants a gorgeous year round weather temperature range. Most of Yaounde’s economy is center around the administrative structure of the civil service and the diplomatic services. Due to these high profile central structures, Yaounde enjoys a relative higher standard of living, security and economic status. Schools, colleges, Universities, Hospitals, recreational centers, restaurants are of better standards.


Economic Status

Most of Yaounde’s economy is center on the administrative structure of the civil service and the diplomatic services. These high-profile central structures, Yaounde enjoys a relative higher standard of living and security compared to the rest of Cameroon. Major industries in Yaounde include tobacco, dairy products, beer, clay, glass goods, and lumber. Its also a regional distribution center for coffee, cocoa, copra, sugar cane, and rubber. Local residents engage in urban agriculture. The city is estimate to have “50,000 pigs and over a million chickens.

Despite the security issues and humanitarian crises that have plagued the Central African nation, its economy remains stable. In fact, there is diversification of productive economic activities contributing about half of the total domestic production. Oil, gas, and mining revenues are rarely reporte, which implies massive graft.

In addition, there is weak protection of real and intellectual property, and the judicial system is vulnerable to political manipulation. According Yaounde City Council data there has been over 130 floods that have been striking city from 1980 2014. Due to this economic status degrease massive loss of life and economic damage. However, there was reduction of flooding in the city since establishment of sanitation master plan to address the issue. Another measure was to relocate people living along the drainage routes and in low-lying flood zones.


In Yaounde you will find lots of western style shopping centers, for your grocery and dressing & grooming needs. In central city, Scores ( now Casino Supermarket) offers a typical western-style. Credit cards and Debit cards is accept at most of these supermarket and bakeries. With the growing number of westerners in the Yaounde area, these style of shops are on the increase. All stores also help economic status of Yaounde to grow faster with the number of people flocking to these supermarket.

Park and Zoo in Yaounde

Mvog-Mbetsi Park and zoo

Cameroon’s political capital Yaounde is home of Park and zoo manage by Ministry of Forestry and Fauna in Cameroon. There is a wide range of species at the zoo, including big cats, reptiles, and birds of prey. Create in 1951, the Mvog Betsi is one of the few zoo in Cameroon and location in Yaounde city center. There are mainly primates and wild cats and obviously the flora is relatively rich. You can find out more about this by visiting the Mvog Betsi Botanical Garden website. The information is not necessarily up to date but it gives a very good overview of the proposed attractions. The zoo is an ideal setting for a family outing on the weekends. There is also a swimming pool, playgrounds and a restaurant. A project is underway to relocate the zoo on the side of Mount Fébé to benefit from more space.


Mefou National Park and zoo

Furthermore, we have a Mefou National zoo of Yaounde which in 45-minute drive south of Yaounde. Mefou national park is regulate by Ape Action Africa, organisation establish to protect primate in Cameroon. Well-informed guides will show you gorillas, drills, chimps and mandrills living in beautiful natural surrounds, all rescued from the bushmeat trade . Instead of Yaounde, Cameroon have lot of Park and zoo like in North part with Waza Park, the zoo of Limbe which are the lovely place to visit when you are in this fabulous country.



In summary, Yaounde has Park and zoo which allow the evolution of economic, and see animals in disappearing voices you will have all animals. All these develop country’s economy by developing tourism, allows to sell the image of the country internationally. For this reason Yaounde is home of hospitality and entertainments, you will love to visit the city.


wild Nature of Yaounde


It’s a certainty the wild nature of Yaounde is not that rich as the one in Kenya or Tanzania. This doesn’t mean that it is not interesting and varied. First of all, if you are passionate about ornithology, you will be delight. Equally, more than 900 species of birds live in Cameroon.


Wild nature of Waza Park

To maximize your chances of observing African wild nature, you must go to north of the country in Waza Park. There, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, cheetahs, buffaloes, antelopes and even lions move freely. Going on a safari is always a highlight and exceptional moment in a traveler’s life. Another moment rich in emotion, it is to go to meet the gorillas in Mefou National Park of Yaounde. There are some that you can see in the south-east of the country in the sanctuary of Mengeme.


In terms of wildlife, Cameroon is home to some of the most venomous snake species in the world. Let’s hope you do not cross the path of a cobra, a viper from Gabon or a green mamba. Wish the same thing about scorpions and tarantulas. Because of the diversity of the reliefs, the Wild nature in Yaounde is rich and varied.


A tropical forest, steppe, savannah, the landscape changes depending on the region. The forest and wild nature is largely threatene. Although it still occupies 45% of the area, its share is shrinking every year due to large-scale and industrial deforestation. It is a real heartbreak to see trees sometimes over 60 meters tall be slaughter. Add to this the exploitation of precious woods like mahogany, ebony, you will quickly understand that the situation is catastrophic. Due to this  urgent that this exploitation be very quickly better controlle than it is today. In the savannah, among the trees of more modest dimensions, the baobab reigns as king. Its size, its diameter does not take anything away from its incredible elegance.

The Basilica of Mvolye


Basilica of Mvolye is one of the place not to miss when you make a tourist stay in Yaounde. Created in Yaounde in 1998, basilica owes its conception to desire to make a large church to accommodate more people. This translates into program which begins with construction of Mvolye hill followed by the 3500-seat church. The facade is open to widen on a parvis during pilgrimages and major religious celebrations.


Basilica of Mvolye description

Manifestation of faith of its designers, the book represents in itself all the greatness they have been able to do. In beginning of 1990, the old cathedral of Mvolye, built by the Pallotine Fathers the Bishop Henri Vieter was destroy. Then Bishop Jean Zoa the successor gives instructions for construction of what will name then “Marian Shrine”. Gigantic project at the time, Basilica of Mvolye has finally come into being and is the object of admiration nowardays.

Its a fabulous architectural work with inside an altar made of stone carve in one of the villages in Yaounde. Because of its original form, it imposes admiration and astonishment of the share of all the people who go there. The black Madonna, carved on ebony next to altar is undeniably the attraction of all the works of art. Of course you will find other paintings in bronze and silver, which adorn the walls of basilica outside and inside. The floor is cover with a carefully polish marble, which gives it an apparent solidity.


For all lovers of architecture and originality, this is the place you should visit because of his originality. Further building was design sparingly and carefully to represent his name Basilica validly. Basilica of Mvolye welcomes faithful Christian Catholics from around the world. In the same way every Sunday during the office of ecumenical and the few curious to discover.


Yaounde best night Club


Cameroon’s major cities throb to the beat of music throughout the week. Street bars line the roads as the sun goes down and revelers go into the night searching good time. From chic cocktail bars to jam-packed Night Club, Cameroon’s nightlife has it all.


Best Club

There are several bars and lounge where you can spend dreams nights in Yaounde but we will only quoted populars. First of all you have Katios Night Club in Downtown, this club having recently re-open its doors to clubbers. Le Katios disco is competing to be the best nightspot in Yaounde. With “Indomitable” owners, professional service and an international DJ, the only thing missing is you charming customers. You can easily join them for frenzied evenings.


Secondly you have Olympic Night Club located in Avenue Narvick Hôtel Djeuga Palace, Yaounde. This is the night club in the luxurious Hotel Djeuga Palace. It entertains the wealthy, well connected youth in Yaounde. The ultra-modern, chic atmosphere will have you dancing until the sun comes up.


Thirdly, There are also cabarets like YAOBA in Bastos, where we can see artists of the place live on stage. Many people came here to do karaoke, singing with artists and have a good night. Each year, the famous boar hunting takes place in Yaounde.


Furthermore, you have Safari Club Yaounde, in Avenue Churchill the sexiest nightclub never see in Yaounde. Stylish, table service available you will not be disappoint if you opt to spend your evening in this glamorous establishment. So dress to impress, get your dancing shoes because you’re in for a long night.


In Yaounde, we do have The Basement Bar in Mendong, Here the show never ends, every Saturday spend amazing evening. Spend quality time with friends and dance to your favourite anthems played to you by the deadly remix DJ team. Guaranteed to raise the roof and give you the night of your life. To end VIP ROOM Certainly living up to its name this night time hotspot attracts a VIP crowd. Its offers a world class night of music cocktails and dancing until your feet fall off.



National Museum of Yaounde


Create in 1972, it is at the former presidential palace of Cameroon in German colonial architecture which was transform into house of culture and is today the National Museum. Locate in Yaounde this building over 130 years old brings you into the history of Cameroon through its diversity. National Museum open from Tuesday to Sunday except Monday which is close,  hours are from 10 am to 18 pm. Visit is obligatorily make with tourist guide price for foreigners is fixe at 5000 XAF ( Cameroon currency ).  Also the duration of visit varies between one hours and two hours and a half.

Presentation of National Museum

The building has two levels, at the bottom you have the ground floor which has two parts. The first part of the first level is dedicate to people and some beautiful masks. However, the other part presents the many Cameroonian musical instruments representing the culture of different ethnicity. Furthermore the first floor presents the modern history of Cameroon in general and Yaounde city in particular.  For this reason, you have various objects of arts and crafts of the country.

The National Museum is in the old Ahidjo presidential palace (the previous president) you have beautiful bronze statues outside, which are the only things you can take pictures of. In effect building is renovate and very clean which is nice but you can’t take pictures inside. There is a guide for each section, you start on the first floor with recent history through photographs. The culture and history of Cameroon parts are much more interesting.


The National Museum of Yaounde is the house of Cameroon’s culture .with all his diversity. For this reason you will especially enjoy instruments, houses from all Cameroon’s regions and traditional costumes sections. In conlucion visit this place is informative because you will discover Cameroonians traditions and legacy.


The Reunification Sculpture of Yaounde


Yaounde as a tourist city is no exception to rule of touristics sites where you can take a trip. Due to this, we will talk about historical sites which you should not miss during your stay in Yaounde. In the first place, dont miss to visit Reunification sculpture base in Yaounde city center. This monument represents yesterday as today a symbol which embodies Cameroon story. Equally he is the symbol of this country as a state with all its diversity and complexity.



Build between 1973 and 1976, reunification monument immortalize advent of union between French and English Cameroon in 1961. With the advent of unitary state the two federated republics form the United Republic of Cameroon in 1972. This sculpture from the French architect Solomon is make in three levels. The basement is a large circular hall make with wall paintings of Cameroonian writer ENGELBERT MVENG.

In the center of the room, a large pillar springs from the ground and ends with a brush on outside. On the ground floor, four pillars made of engravings describing experiences of populations of the five cultural eras of Cameroon. On top of tower, meeting point of East and West entrances, symbolizing unity of Anglophone and Francophone parts of country.


Description of Reunification sculpture

To begin with description of monument, its important to note that he has two large groups namely sculpture and spiral. After we will describe sculpture, on both sides of his body five children who want to light up the flame. This set of symbols has a deep meaning. It symbolizes the unity around the family, the old man represents the generation of Cameroonians who fought for Reunification. Children, meanwhile, emphasize the equal opportunities offered to girls and boys. In addition, its important to emphasize that a special place is give to girl in particular and woman in general. This engineering work represents fifty-three tons of concrete for a height of about seven meters.

To finish the Spirale backwards, it represents at first the culmination of the reunification boulevard that starts from the crossroads of the EMIA. In a second step, the five different levels of the tower, like the five children of the monument, represent the administrative authorities of the Republic of Cameroon and the two capitals of the Federal Republic of Cameroon (Yaounde and Buea) before the Reunification.


Entertainment in Yaounde

Entertainment Location

For entertainment in the evening, Yaounde has many nightclubs. Some well-known nightclubs are KATIOS this night club will offer you a real sensation with urban and internationals musics. Nice place, safe and friendly. The dance floor is Giant and sober. The service is fast and the atmosphere is magical for entertainment.

Its very comfortable no matter why we go. This is a great place for group outings or after work. Either you have SANZA night club at Elig-Essono Yaounde with is the most popular actually for youth, Dj performs. Sanza its the place to rely on in Yaounde and the best places where you can dance all night long. It’s certainly also one of the biggest boxes in the capital. Especially popular with Cameroonians, who go there in their best clothes. The club is dominate by the fairer sex on Thursday, free evening for girls. It is also the day when the place is overpopulate, with relatively naughty dance performances. All this in a good cocktail of local and international music. You will go out early in the morning after having a good time, Safari, Mvet, Olympic Balafon.


Furthermore for entertainment in Yaounde you have SAFARI night club which is in avenue Winston Churchill, Yaounde. A disco in the European, spacious, with super light show, sound, everything is there, very young atmosphere on weekends. There are big parties with the most famous DJs from both continents. Musically, Coupe-Decale alternates with Makossa and the purest of R’n’B, warm atmosphere guaranteed.

This is the must of clubs in Yaounde, High-tech atmosphere, illuminate track, all lounges seem to be VIP lounges. The music is certainly strong but refine and people are always of a high standard. Whatever the reason for your visit, you will have a great time. As night club we have also DJEUGA PALACE night club locate in Djeuga Hotel one of the best hotel. The night club will give you all the smoothness you can have with his VIP saloon room, chairs are comfortable. The dance floor is bigger and you will not want to sit all the night with his Dj breathtaking music.


There are also cabarets like YAOBA locate in Bastos, where we can see artists of the place live on stage. Many people came here to do karaoke, singing with artists and have a good night. Each year, the famous boar hunting takes place in Yaounde. A large number of traditional dances follow each other around the sacrifice. You have for example the Cabaret Bikutsi Carossel in Kondengui which offer Bikutsi show every weekend for good entertainment.

Provide by the stars of Bikutsi who parade at each evening in an unbridled atmosphere for the pleasure. For all those who do not know what Cameroonian bikutsi dance is, we invite you to take a tour there. Moreover, In Yaounde we have a MEDJANG CLUB which give you excellent idea about cameroonian dance and culture. Its a mix of cameroonian music call MAKOSSA with some of their traditional dance but its sing on live. If you are lover of discovery you will love this club especially the way they sing and dance it .