The Reunification Sculpture of Yaounde


Yaounde as a tourist city is no exception to rule of touristics sites where you can take a trip. Due to this, we will talk about historical sites which you should not miss during your stay in Yaounde. In the first place, dont miss to visit Reunification sculpture base in Yaounde city center. This monument represents yesterday as today a symbol which embodies Cameroon story. Equally he is the symbol of this country as a state with all its diversity and complexity.



Build between 1973 and 1976, reunification monument immortalize advent of union between French and English Cameroon in 1961. With the advent of unitary state the two federated republics form the United Republic of Cameroon in 1972. This sculpture from the French architect Solomon is make in three levels. The basement is a large circular hall make with wall paintings of Cameroonian writer ENGELBERT MVENG.

In the center of the room, a large pillar springs from the ground and ends with a brush on outside. On the ground floor, four pillars made of engravings describing experiences of populations of the five cultural eras of Cameroon. On top of tower, meeting point of East and West entrances, symbolizing unity of Anglophone and Francophone parts of country.


Description of Reunification sculpture

To begin with description of monument, its important to note that he has two large groups namely sculpture and spiral. After we will describe sculpture, on both sides of his body five children who want to light up the flame. This set of symbols has a deep meaning. It symbolizes the unity around the family, the old man represents the generation of Cameroonians who fought for Reunification. Children, meanwhile, emphasize the equal opportunities offered to girls and boys. In addition, its important to emphasize that a special place is give to girl in particular and woman in general. This engineering work represents fifty-three tons of concrete for a height of about seven meters.

To finish the Spirale backwards, it represents at first the culmination of the reunification boulevard that starts from the crossroads of the EMIA. In a second step, the five different levels of the tower, like the five children of the monument, represent the administrative authorities of the Republic of Cameroon and the two capitals of the Federal Republic of Cameroon (Yaounde and Buea) before the Reunification.


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