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For entertainment in the evening, Yaounde has many nightclubs. Some well-known nightclubs are KATIOS this night club will offer you a real sensation with urban and internationals musics. Nice place, safe and friendly. The dance floor is Giant and sober. The service is fast and the atmosphere is magical for entertainment.

Its very comfortable no matter why we go. This is a great place for group outings or after work. Either you have SANZA night club at Elig-Essono Yaounde with is the most popular actually for youth, Dj performs. Sanza its the place to rely on in Yaounde and the best places where you can dance all night long. It’s certainly also one of the biggest boxes in the capital. Especially popular with Cameroonians, who go there in their best clothes. The club is dominate by the fairer sex on Thursday, free evening for girls. It is also the day when the place is overpopulate, with relatively naughty dance performances. All this in a good cocktail of local and international music. You will go out early in the morning after having a good time, Safari, Mvet, Olympic Balafon.


Furthermore for entertainment in Yaounde you have SAFARI night club which is in avenue Winston Churchill, Yaounde. A disco in the European, spacious, with super light show, sound, everything is there, very young atmosphere on weekends. There are big parties with the most famous DJs from both continents. Musically, Coupe-Decale alternates with Makossa and the purest of R’n’B, warm atmosphere guaranteed.

This is the must of clubs in Yaounde, High-tech atmosphere, illuminate track, all lounges seem to be VIP lounges. The music is certainly strong but refine and people are always of a high standard. Whatever the reason for your visit, you will have a great time. As night club we have also DJEUGA PALACE night club locate in Djeuga Hotel one of the best hotel. The night club will give you all the smoothness you can have with his VIP saloon room, chairs are comfortable. The dance floor is bigger and you will not want to sit all the night with his Dj breathtaking music.


There are also cabarets like YAOBA locate in Bastos, where we can see artists of the place live on stage. Many people came here to do karaoke, singing with artists and have a good night. Each year, the famous boar hunting takes place in Yaounde. A large number of traditional dances follow each other around the sacrifice. You have for example the Cabaret Bikutsi Carossel in Kondengui which offer Bikutsi show every weekend for good entertainment.

Provide by the stars of Bikutsi who parade at each evening in an unbridled atmosphere for the pleasure. For all those who do not know what Cameroonian bikutsi dance is, we invite you to take a tour there. Moreover, In Yaounde we have a MEDJANG CLUB which give you excellent idea about cameroonian dance and culture. Its a mix of cameroonian music call MAKOSSA with some of their traditional dance but its sing on live. If you are lover of discovery you will love this club especially the way they sing and dance it .


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