Economic Status of Yaounde


Yaounde is a hilly and undulating city, getting your orientation right can be very challenging. At 750 m above sea level with a beautiful view of greens surrounding the city. With economic status, Yaounde provides visitors very pleasant scenic views and mild climatic condition throughout the year. This gives Yaounde inhabitants a gorgeous year round weather temperature range. Most of Yaounde’s economy is center around the administrative structure of the civil service and the diplomatic services. Due to these high profile central structures, Yaounde enjoys a relative higher standard of living, security and economic status. Schools, colleges, Universities, Hospitals, recreational centers, restaurants are of better standards.


Economic Status

Most of Yaounde’s economy is center on the administrative structure of the civil service and the diplomatic services. These high-profile central structures, Yaounde enjoys a relative higher standard of living and security compared to the rest of Cameroon. Major industries in Yaounde include tobacco, dairy products, beer, clay, glass goods, and lumber. Its also a regional distribution center for coffee, cocoa, copra, sugar cane, and rubber. Local residents engage in urban agriculture. The city is estimate to have “50,000 pigs and over a million chickens.

Despite the security issues and humanitarian crises that have plagued the Central African nation, its economy remains stable. In fact, there is diversification of productive economic activities contributing about half of the total domestic production. Oil, gas, and mining revenues are rarely reporte, which implies massive graft.

In addition, there is weak protection of real and intellectual property, and the judicial system is vulnerable to political manipulation. According Yaounde City Council data there has been over 130 floods that have been striking city from 1980 2014. Due to this economic status degrease massive loss of life and economic damage. However, there was reduction of flooding in the city since establishment of sanitation master plan to address the issue. Another measure was to relocate people living along the drainage routes and in low-lying flood zones.


In Yaounde you will find lots of western style shopping centers, for your grocery and dressing & grooming needs. In central city, Scores ( now Casino Supermarket) offers a typical western-style. Credit cards and Debit cards is accept at most of these supermarket and bakeries. With the growing number of westerners in the Yaounde area, these style of shops are on the increase. All stores also help economic status of Yaounde to grow faster with the number of people flocking to these supermarket.

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