Hobbies in Yaounde

Park or Tennis club Hobbies

There are many hobbies you can do in Yaounde as long as you have time during your trip. We invite you to visit one of theses areas starting with “Bois Saint Anastasie” of Yaounde. Location is Warda intersection with wood place cross by small streams which is cross via small bridges. Ideal for a walk with family or lovers, its an island of greenery, which contains a garden name “loves”. Then you have “Noah Country Club” of Yaounde in Etoudi district, its a clue where there is large pool line. Tennis and basketball courts are available, a straw hut for drinks and fast food. A quiet place full of charm to relax, swim, play a set or sip a Castel in coconut foot trees.

Ice cream and Gulf Hobbies

Moreover you also have “Yaounde Golf Club”, which offers a pleasant and well maintained greens course. The “Club House Cafe” is a cool spot for golfers, you also have the “amusement park Kyriakides”. This one is next to the general direction of the national security which offers a green space for the children. The place is furnish with slides, rides and stroller for children, enough to dream the little ones. Furthermore you can go and take a Ice cream with your lovely ones at “SANTA LUCIA” Bakery in city center. Also we have “Le Moulin de France Bakery” which is the best bakery ever have for french and international pastries.


Hunting, ramble or cycling Hobbies

Lovers of hunting and fishing will be happy,in small villages of yaounde you can find some hunters and fishermen. These amazing people will make you rediscover some local techniques in this area. For cycling enthusiasts too is great there are small clubs where members will be happy to count you among them. There is one in Yaounde in “Monti” neighborhood pleasant, quiet and very little used by cars to do bike race. Lovers of hiking Yaounde is good idea for you because you cannot miss to visit “ELOUMDEM mountain”. This site is located on the hills of Yaounde and often hosts the contest of the ascent of the mountain. If you like the altitude this place is ideal for you and you will be fill with thrills

For end, families can also go for 2 hours walk in small mountain behind the “Mont Febe hotel”. It is advisable to go there with a tourist guide so that it guides you on this mountain. You will find trails on the vegetation. In addition you will cross the “fields” of the village: cocoa, cassava, corn etc. In addition you will discover the handcrafted wooden planks, pretty views.