wild Nature of Yaounde


It’s a certainty the wild nature of Yaounde is not that rich as the one in Kenya or Tanzania. This doesn’t mean that it is not interesting and varied. First of all, if you are passionate about ornithology, you will be delight. Equally, more than 900 species of birds live in Cameroon.


Wild nature of Waza Park

To maximize your chances of observing African wild nature, you must go to north of the country in Waza Park. There, elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses, cheetahs, buffaloes, antelopes and even lions move freely. Going on a safari is always a highlight and exceptional moment in a traveler’s life. Another moment rich in emotion, it is to go to meet the gorillas in Mefou National Park of Yaounde. There are some that you can see in the south-east of the country in the sanctuary of Mengeme.


In terms of wildlife, Cameroon is home to some of the most venomous snake species in the world. Let’s hope you do not cross the path of a cobra, a viper from Gabon or a green mamba. Wish the same thing about scorpions and tarantulas. Because of the diversity of the reliefs, the Wild nature in Yaounde is rich and varied.


A tropical forest, steppe, savannah, the landscape changes depending on the region. The forest and wild nature is largely threatene. Although it still occupies 45% of the area, its share is shrinking every year due to large-scale and industrial deforestation. It is a real heartbreak to see trees sometimes over 60 meters tall be slaughter. Add to this the exploitation of precious woods like mahogany, ebony, you will quickly understand that the situation is catastrophic. Due to this  urgent that this exploitation be very quickly better controlle than it is today. In the savannah, among the trees of more modest dimensions, the baobab reigns as king. Its size, its diameter does not take anything away from its incredible elegance.

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