Cathedral our Lady of Victory Yaounde


Cathedral our Lady of Victory Yaounde is near the roundabout of central post office, at the beginning of Boulevard du 20 mai. Base in heart of city center Yaounde, its an architectural building with capacity of 5000 people. Cathedral our Lady of Victory Yaounde has two pylons 30 meters on each side of the facade, bells on top of each. Equally its has a mosaic behind the altar that was designed by Reverend Father Engelbert Mveng, one of the first priests in Cameroon. You can also admire very pretty stained glasses made of broken glass bricks.

Cathedral our Lady of Victory Yaounde has the honor of receiving Pope John Paul II in 1985 and 1995. Further she serves as the setting for the signing of the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation “Ecclesia in Africa” ​​on 1995. As a result, a plaque immortalizes this day at the entrance of the cathedral.


Dominican Masses

As far as Dominican Masses are concerned, they take place every Sunday between 6 am and 7 pm. The language is French and English as well as all Cameroonian national languages. Various bishops who followed one another at Cathedral our Lady of Victory Yaounde

– Bishop Rene Graffin (1943-1961). An avenue of Yaounde bears his name. He is buried in Chevilly Larue in the diocese of Créteil in France.

– Bishop Jean Zoa (1961-1998). He rests today, according to his will, at the parish cemetery of Mvolyé.

– Mgr André Wouking (1999-2002). His grave is in the cathedral.

– Monsignor Simon Victor Tonyé Bakot since October 18, 2003.


Environment of the cathedral

Currently, Cathedral our Lady of Victory Yaounde is rules by His excellence Atanga bishop of Yaounde.

Outside near cathedral, there is several Catholics churches because 80 per cent of population in Cameroon is christian. Moreover, you will find in each neighborhood of the city Catholic churches performing religious services every Sunday. Some will offer the masses on weekdays for all those would like to pray.

In addition to the Catholic religion, Cameroon also has a part of its majority Muslim people and in this context you have mosques throughout the city of Yaounde. The largest of these is the Tsinga Mosque, where Muslim people gather for their religious services on Fridays.


Cinema theater in Yaounde


There is only one Cinema theater in Yaounde newly create by the Vivendi group. The new room call Canal Olympia is house in the compound of the University of Yaounde 1. Its the sign of one of the two state universities of Yaounde. Further this movie theater is the pride of many residents of Yaounde because none exists since 1990s. Due to economic crisis on 1990, the Movie theater close in all Cameroonians cities. Consequently the country loose enough money and distraction because most of people like it as a distraction. The situation was difficult, the ministry of culture was having difficulty even artists was not able to do concert because no cinema theater. This year 1990 mark the worst ever year Cameroons community knew because of the problem of closure.



History of cinema theater in Yaounde

In 1973, the country had 32 cinema theater, including the legendary “ABBIA” halle in Yaounde and “WOURI” for Douala. Places that each had a capacity well above the current 300 seats offered by the Vivendi Group. This cinema theater in Yaounde is dedicate to projection of films. Moreover he helps to organize concerts for Cameroonian and foreign artists and stand-up reception of comedians. Seeing that Bollore group says that the power supply of this cinema is provided by solar energy develop by them. Explicitly this energy is capture from 720 m² of solar panels store thanks to batteries.

With the launch of Yaounde 1 Cinema theater in Yaounde, we can see happy people specially for kids and teenager. They can easily go there and have fun, looking movies or cartoons. Artists are happy because they can do concerts which made happiness of all people as long as they can have one in Yaounde. Due to that Yaounde economy rise and we have lot of concerts made by artists.

Restaurant in Yaounde

 Best Restaurants

Yaounde the capital of Cameroon is home to a multitude of restaurant where you can combine relaxation and culinary flavor. Among these is the Black and White Lounge Restaurant located in Bastos. He offers all the specialties in all countries foods. His relaxing and pleasant setting with a majestic decoration will sublimate your stay.

Moreover, if you love with romance, we invite you to discover Les Cigalons restaurant  in Yaounde at the Hippodrome climb. Its captivating setting with its natural decoration offers you peace and tranquility. The place has a pleasant setting for romantic dinners every night or for all celebrations.

Also as a restaurant you can not dream better than the Yaoba cabaret restaurant located in bastos. Yaoba offers a dream setting and an impeccable service for all evening outings with or alone. Further he has an orchestra for all lovers of play-back where the music is play live. There is Karaoke sequence for all and those who like singing especially if you are with family or friends.


Others Restaurants

In Yaounde we do have La Salsa Restaurant in Rond Point Bastos which have good atmosphere. Pizza, French cuisines, Russian, Cameroon and others. An impressive setting, wide open space, indoor and outdoor seating. Be sure not to miss the speciality smoked master or marinade raw fish, a real treat for fans.

You have also Espresso House in Bastos, this is a Yaounde staple. Serves a refreshingly diverse menu during day time and night time you have a perfect view of town with terrace. It attracts many guests, especially because of its convenient location in the embassy district.

If you are discoveries lovers, there is restaurants in Yaounde where you can taste the local foods of the city. In this case Ebene woods restaurant located in front of the Mahima supermarket is the best one you ever see. You will find Yaounde typical foods such as Nkock or Sanga which are the main specialties of this city.


Nightlife, Yaounde by night


Yaounde by Night is one of the most popular attractions, most spectacular to discover and especially to live. For this reason, all form a chain full of youth, emotions, joy of life. In short a all in one that will tell you everything about Cameroon and its people.

From its Culinary Art noticed by the presence of many restaurants to its diversity Yaounde by night it is great. You will see night clubs, casino, nightspot, its long and large avenues strewn with Bars both sides of the road. Yaounde by night is an unforgettable experience for all those are coming for the first time. You will discover the delights of its nightlife and we will lead you discover of hot places of Yaounde.


Yaounde by night Best Night Clubs

First of all when we talk about places where to enjoy in Yaounde, Safari Night Club is the first one. Base in the hottest areas of the political capital, Safari Night Club offers the best to all nightlife lovers. It offers you an unforgettable experience thanks to the know-how of its team by offering themed evenings. Moreover, by its delirious concepts that make this place the only ones in world where lions can coexist with antelopes.

Secondly we have Sanza Discothek Club known for its sulfurous evenings, its attachment to cultural values.  Further Sanza Discothek Club is in very close circle as one of the temples of the jet set. Base in Elig-Essono one of the most attractive places of Yaounde, he opens doors four days of week. From Sunday to Wednesday from 10pm to midnight for nights of madness, youth which will remain forever in memories.

Thirdly, we have Olympic Club Yaounde which the location is Avenue Narvick Yaounde. Its the most popular places for nightlife subscribers, mark by 4 stars hotel reputation Djeuga palace. In addition, Olympic Club Yaounde offers a magical setting worthy of major European and American nightclubs. Open time is Tuesday to Sunday, from 22pm to midnight for lovers of crasy nights.


Others Night-Club of Yaounde

Le Katios Night-Club Yaounde The Katios Night-Club Yaoundé opened before 1986 is the old of the old in this industry, recognized for the conservation of its values, its know-how and especially its experience characterized by its know-how which is particular to him The Katios Night-Club Yaoundé at Avenue El Hadj Ahmadou Ahidjo Yaounde, City Center, opens its doors from Tuesday to Sunday from 22pm til morning for old-fashioned evenings where only he holds the secret.

Outdoor Activities in Yaounde

With lush green hills and a cool-ish climate (making it a very pleasant place to visit), Yaounde is like no other capital city in West Africa. It also has warm, friendly people who will go out of their way to help you, and an abundance of attractions. Here we recommend 15 great things to do in Yaounde the next time you visit.


1. Breakfast At La Sintra

For a mixture of both traditional and western cuisine head to La Sintra where you can also enjoy their full breakfast menu. Sit on the terrace, sip on their delicious coffee, and watch the people of the city pass you by and get their day started.

2. Viewing Cameroon’s Art At Musée d’Art Camerounais

For a good introduction to the city’s art, history, and culture, head to the the Musée d’Art Camerounais. This museum has an amazing collection of pottery, masks, and wooden and bronze sculptures. Make sure to check out some of the nearby souvenir shops to buy a replica of your favourite art work.

3. Visit The Mvog-Betsi Zoo

A great way to get up close to Cameroon’s wildlife is at the Mvog-Betsi Zoo. One of the  best zoos in West Africa, Mvog-Betsi Zoo is run by the British non-profit Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund. Almost all the animals (including gorillas and chimps) have been rescued from the bushmeat trade and poachers. You can also see exotic birds, lizards, snakes, hyenas and lions.


4. Explore Mfoundi Market

One of the largest markets in  Yaoundé, Mfoundi Market is situated in the centre of the city. Vendors sell anything from clothing to food and it is a great place to get a taste of how locals do things.

5. Enjoy A Traditional Cuisine At La Forêt Dense

Even though La Forêt Dense is a bit pricey compared to other traditional restaurants, you’re guaranteed only the best food. The restaurants setting is beautiful and upscale, with a menu including all traditional favourites including ndolé and crocodile mbongo.


6. Visit The Benedictine Monastery

Situated on the slope of Mont Febe is The Benedictine Monastery. One of Yaoundé’s most popular tourist attractions, the religious institution has a museum that has a wide variety of Cameroonian traditional art collections.


7. Go To Church Outside Paroisse de NDzong Melen

An amazing tradition that happens every Sunday is the open-air mass that takes place outside the Paroisse de NDzong Melen. Even though the service is in Ewondo, you definitely enjoy the amazing drumming, dancing and choral music. Don’t forget to put on your Sunday best to fit in with the locals.


8. Buy Souvenirs At Centre Artisanal

This government-run establishment is a great place to pick up a bargain on some local traditional art. Centre Artisanal is also known for its haggling, so don’t be put off by the high sticker prices – you can get half the price if you try.

9. View More Amazing Art At Musée Afhemi

Home to more regional artwork, Musée Afhemi is a private residence that has English tours (if you call in advance), friendly owners who often invite guests for lunch and amazing artworks that date back more than 900 years. The artworks including ritual and ceremonial masks, statues, and royal beds are rich in tradition.


10. Dance The Night Away At Club Safari

Put on your dancing shoes and head to Club Safari. From hip hop to house, this club plays it all, and is usually packed with locals who are looking for a good night out on the town.


11. Eat At Patisserie Select Plus

From a bakery selling a variety of freshly baked goods to a kitchen making delicious light meals and great coffee, Patisserie Select Plus is definitely a cafe worth trying. Treat yourself to a croissant and coffee on the go, or take a seat and enjoy their popular burger and pizza.


12. Take A Trip To Lobeke National Park

Located in the Congo Basin, this amazing national park is on the border between the Central African Republic and the Republic of the Congo. You’ll be able to spend the night, go on walks, and see amazing birdlife.


13. Visit The Blackitude Museum

Opened in 2000, the Blackitude Museum is an ethnographic museum in Yaoundé. Cameroon. The museum was created to preserve the remains of the artistic heritage in Cameroon. A member of the royal family carefully protected and preserved the collections of art objects which were given to Cameroon by kings of different chiefdoms.


14. Check Out The Reunification Monument

The Reunification Monument in Yaoundé represents the reunification of Cameroon in 1984 after Paul Biya became president. Cameroon was renamed from The United Republic of Cameroon to The Republic Of Cameroon.


15. Watch Soccer At The Sport Palace

If you’re lucky enough to be in this city when a soccer match is scheduled, then book a ticket and head to the game. Cameroon is a soccer-crazy nation, and fans head to the The Sport Palace to watch their favourite team in their thousands.


Sights and LandMarks in Yaounde

Yaoundé, spread over 7 hills, is the capital city of Cameroon. It is in the southern part of the country. The 20th-century Notre Dame des Victoires cathedral has a striking triangular roof. Nearby, in the Lake Quarter, the former presidential palace is home to the National Museum, with cultural exhibits such as masks and sculptures. Farther west, Mvog-Betsi Zoo is home to primates rescued from the bushmeat trade.


Mvog-Betsi Zoo

The Mvog-Betsi Zoo is located in Yaoundé, Cameroon and is administered by the Ministry of Forestry and Fauna in Cameroon. There is a wide range of species at the zoo, including big cats, reptiles, and birds of prey.


Blackitude Museum

This is an ethnographic museum in Yaoundé-Cameroon. The museum project began in March 1998 from a commitment of its founding president Her Majesty Ngo Nab [1] Fo I NANA Agnes Sunjio through her deep desire to save what remains of the artistic heritage in Cameroon. As a member of the royal family Bahouoc (Department of Nde in the western province of Cameroon), she carefully protected and preserved collections of art objects which were bequeathed by his father and by kings of other chiefdoms of Bamiléké of western Cameroon.


The Reunification monument

Cameroon’s Reunification Monument was constructed in the 1970s to memorialize the post-colonial merging of British and French Cameroon. Located in Yaounde, it was designed by Gedeon Mpondo and Engelbert Mveng. This monument is therefore a physical representation of the reunification between French and British Cameroons, hence a depiction of the hopes and dreams of a bilingual Cameroon.

In addition to its historic significance is its enchanting display of architectural impressiveness enhanced by the erstwhile staircase. The banquet hall at the basement and the flamboyant garden that radiates life around the monument, making it an ideal location to sit and admire nature.


Benedictine Museum of Mont-Febe, Yaounde.

Examine all sorts of peculiar items and works of art that portray the nation’s diverse culture at Benedictine Museum of Mont-Febe. Part of a nearby monastery overlooking the city, the well-maintained venue has a total of four display rooms, surrounded by trimmed lawns and exotic decorative trees. Once you enter, grab a catalogue to fully immerse yourself in the ethnographic museum’s mission, history, and exhibits. Inspect a variety of artifacts as you walk through the corridors, including unusual bronze and wooden statues, ivory pipes, and tribal masks. You can purchase a copy of the book-catalogue as a souvenir.


National Museum

The Cameroon National Museum located in the capital city of Yaoundé has become a major point of attraction for many Cameroonians and visitors from across the globe. The origin of this historic building dates back to the 1930s when the colonial masters were still in control of the territory.


If your are interested by the history of Cameroon and knows about people who fights for independence of Cameroon you have Statue of Charles Atangana. This statue is located in Yaoundé, is a patriotic gentleman who fight for independence of Cameroon. In the same case you can find also a The monument of Colonel Leclerc which is a historic site located in the heart of the city of Yaounde. On August 27, 1940, Colonel Leclerc becomes the Commander of French Cameroon, appointed by General De Gaulles.


Popular sport in Yaounde

Sport in Cameroon is widely practiced by the population and advocated by the national government. Cameroonians are proud of the victories won at international competitions, making sport an important source of national unity. . Cameroon has a past full of disputes but sport has always been a way to unite Cameroonians. That’s why there are a lot of sports that are very popular in the country like swimming, canoeing, tug of war or wrestling.


However, the most popular sport is football and most villages have their own team that goes up against each other. The Cameroon national football team made an impact in the 1990 FIFA World Cup . They also have taken home five of the African Cup of Nations titles the last one was in Febuary 2017. Some of the Cameroonians who have made a mark on the international football stage are Rigobert Song, Roger Milla and Marc-Vivien Foe (who died 2003 during a game). The list of great Cameroonian football players will not be complete without Lauren Etame Mayer and Samuel Eto’o, both of whom won the African Footballer of the Year award.


But presently, other sports are having a foothold in Cameroon such as table tennis, boxing, basketball, cycling, netball and handball. Other popular sports in Cameroon include running marathons, the most popular of which is the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope which draws hundreds of runners every year. There are also some golf courses and rugby is quite popular due to it being a contact sport.

Markets in Yaounde

If you’ve never been to a market in Africa, Yaounde is a good place to give you an idea of what types of goods can be found there…really, it’s EVERYTHING!  From the umbrellas from which bras are draped for display purposes (which I have renamed Victoria’s Not-So-Secret, since they are sitting curb-side), to football (aka soccer) jerseys, to scrumptious looking pineapples, to piles of raw meat – just laid out on cardboard with flies circling (no thanks, I’ll pass on that one!), to smoked fish, to knock-off purses or sneakers – I think that if it can be found in this country, it can be found at the market!


While you went in Yaounde, you got a chance to visit (or at least drive through) 3 different markets.  The general market which is called the Mfoundi market is massive, and you can drive through in a taxi while on a tour of the city.  The market is a chaotic scene, and although traffic seems worse for vehicles than for pedestrians, traffic is heavy. There are people in taxi or motorbike coming and going, and this is not better for pedestrians either! Looking in the rows of stands looks like a giant maze, and when you turn the corner, you are impressed by the size of the market. you will find plenty of people who negotiate, bargain and try to get the best deals. you will love the activity and the energy that all this releases!


As visitors to this new place, another step for you is to visit the Artisan Market. It’s a nice way to tell the group of stands with souvenirs that tourists love. It is better to visit this country with a local guide who will negotiate the price of the masks for you because you are far from knowing what it is that a reasonable price! You will find there among other chains of pearls in glass herringbone, which are traditionally worn by “notables” in some communities of the northern region of the country. Masks representing all the tribes of the country with each one of them a particular meaning. You will find your account whatever your nationality because this market is made to combine discovery and appreciation.


Another market that we are planning to visit is the fabric market. If you are a lover of African wax fabrics, you can get all kinds in Cameroon in general and again in Yaoundé in particular. Some of these fabrics are very reminiscent of Indonesian Batic fabrics, but with much brighter print and color combinations. The varieties of patterns, colors and fabric quality are overwhelming. You will leave this place with lots of good memories and a smile on the lip because it is a place of cheerfulness, the salesmen are jovial and welcoming to foreigners. If you are in love with African wax and African traditions this place is for you and you will have a good time !!

Transportation in Yaounde

Yaoundé Taxis and Car Rental

Shared taxis in Cameroon are the cheapest and the fastest to get around cities. That said, they are not always the safest mode of transportation. This is largely because most do not adhere to the rules of the road, making some passengers the victim of road range and random acts of violence. None of the taxis are metered, but rates for inner city journeys are usually fixed. Longer trips need to be negotiated ahead of time. Most of the major car rental companies are available at the international airports in Douala and Yaoundé. Vehicles can be obtained from these company but this can be very expensive. The quality of the roads between large centers like Douala, Yaoundé, Buéa, Bamenda and Bafoussam is well maintained, but the same cannot be said to more remote areas which generally are not paved and are difficult to navigate during the rainy season.

Yaoundé Domestic Flights

Domestic flights are possible with the national carrier Camair-Co, as well as the smaller Elysian Airlines. Domestic air travel in Cameroon is efficient and reasonably priced. Most routes are between the large cities of Douala, Garoua, Yaoundé and Maroua.

Yaoundé Trains and Buses

Traveling by train is a reliable way to navigate the country and is a little faster than the bus system. The main service provider is Cameroon Railways (CAMRAIL), which operates the Gazele du Nord line between Yaoundé and Ngaoundéré. Tickets can be either first or second class with both berths for overnight travel. The buses in the country are quite comfortable and modern with some longer distance coaches even providing air conditioning. The main roads travel between all the big cities of Cameroon. Apart from these popular stops, travelers will have to settle for shared taxis or mini-buses that are not as comfortable or convenient. Minivans and bush taxis do not have a fixed schedule and leave each time the vehicle is full. As for official bus companies such as Touristique Express, Buca Voyages or Garantie Express to name a few, they are leaving on time, so be prepared not to miss your bus.

Is it safe in Yaounde?

Mugging and armed banditry are a problem throughout Cameroon but particularly in Yaoundé. Avoid isolated or poorer areas of towns, for example in Yaoundé La Briquetterie and Mokolo market; Avoid walking around at night, particularly alone. Be vigilant in public places. Trouble can flare up unexpectedly (eg at football matches). Make sure car doors are locked when driving around. Avoid wearing jewellery and only carry small amounts of cash and valuables. Close and lock all doors and windows, particularly at night. Identify callers through spy holes before opening doors, especially late at night.


Theft is common on trains, coaches and bush taxis and around bus stations and hotels. Taxis in cities operate like buses, picking up passengers while there is still room in the car. They often take indirect routes and many don’t meet basic safety requirements. There have been reports of violent assaults and robberies on taxi passengers. Only use trusted taxis and preferably book one from your hotel or restaurant.


Avoid all travel by road at night in rural areas, particularly on the Yaoundé-Douala trunk road. Plan your journey carefully and travel in convoy, where possible. You can drive using a UK driving licence or International Driving Permit on first arrival, but you should obtain a Cameroonian licence from the Delegation of Transport as soon as possible. Make sure any car you hire is adequately insured, preferably by written confirmation from the insurance company (rather than the car hire firm). If you are hiring a driver and car, make sure you are not liable for any accident or damage.


If you need to contact the Police call 117. If you have been a victim of fraud from a police official, you should call 1500. If you need to contact the fire service, please call 118.