Cinema theater in Yaounde


There is only one Cinema theater in Yaounde newly create by the Vivendi group. The new room call Canal Olympia is house in the compound of the University of Yaounde 1. Its the sign of one of the two state universities of Yaounde. Further this movie theater is the pride of many residents of Yaounde because none exists since 1990s. Due to economic crisis on 1990, the Movie theater close in all Cameroonians cities. Consequently the country loose enough money and distraction because most of people like it as a distraction. The situation was difficult, the ministry of culture was having difficulty even artists was not able to do concert because no cinema theater. This year 1990 mark the worst ever year Cameroons community knew because of the problem of closure.



History of cinema theater in Yaounde

In 1973, the country had 32 cinema theater, including the legendary “ABBIA” halle in Yaounde and “WOURI” for Douala. Places that each had a capacity well above the current 300 seats offered by the Vivendi Group. This cinema theater in Yaounde is dedicate to projection of films. Moreover he helps to organize concerts for Cameroonian and foreign artists and stand-up reception of comedians. Seeing that Bollore group says that the power supply of this cinema is provided by solar energy develop by them. Explicitly this energy is capture from 720 m² of solar panels store thanks to batteries.

With the launch of Yaounde 1 Cinema theater in Yaounde, we can see happy people specially for kids and teenager. They can easily go there and have fun, looking movies or cartoons. Artists are happy because they can do concerts which made happiness of all people as long as they can have one in Yaounde. Due to that Yaounde economy rise and we have lot of concerts made by artists.

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