Yaounde the Capital of Cameroon

Hello from Yaounde !

Founded as an ivory trading post, the city of Yaounde is the second largest metropolis of Cameroon just after Douala. As a capital of Cameroon, it is a political headquarters and the city is in full economic expansion. It manages the production and distribution of some of the main exports of the country. Yaounde is the seat of the majority of the Cameroonian ministries and international embassies.

The city of seven hills

In the center of the city, ends a succession of hills, which earned him the nickname of “city of seven hills”. In addition, since the German colonization, Yaounde is a booming city of about 2 million people. she gives each day the means to offer dream stays to all those who are coming for long or short stay.

Today, Yaounde is a very welcoming city internationally recognized. A safe city with a discreet security feature, very present, where life is beautiful. By modernizing, the city has preserved its natural beauty. There are old fruit trees from the past years of colonization still kept in the heart of the city.

Urbanization of the City

The urban community places an emphasis on keeping the city beautiful and green by creating green spaces for fresh air. You can enjoy the benefits of a protected nature of pollution. In addition the beautiful view of the city from the Palace of Congress, a joyous architectural setting for international meetings.

A welcoming city

The charm and originality of this city are also the men and women who live there. Welcoming, warm and available, the Yaoudéens greet you without necessarily knowing you. Same answer with a smile, a hand, it’s usually free and rather friendly. Hospitality here is not a sight of the mind, it is a reality. As a result, you will discover this laborious and enthusiastic population that invests in sometimes very original activities.

First, you will probably go to Mount Nyada or enjoy fresh fermented palm wine. Therefore, you will discover on the slopes of Mount Elumden or Akok-ndo. Yaounde is also a crossroads of important road and rail network. So its easy to visit the rest of the country as well as neighboring countries. Equipped with a modern international airport and an impressive hotel park, Yaounde is open to big tourism .


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