Relation between US Embassy and Cameroon

 General Information

The United States has partnered with Cameroon in several areas since diplomatic relation established in 1960. Yaounde has US Embassy representation in Rosa Parks street Yaounde, Phone: (237) 22220-1500, Fax: (237) 22220-1500. Working hours are Monday to Thursday: 07:30 am to 17:00 pm and Friday: 07:30 am to 12:30 pm but closed on U.S. and Cameroonian holidays.


The relationship between the two countries

Relation between United States and Cameroon is to support the commitment of peace corps volunteers in cultural exchange. Moreover, US embassy sponsor individual programs, which has consequently brought young African academics to America. In the same way at the social level, they promote private sector investment in Cameroon by creating jobs for Cameroonians. Additionally, fight infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS, build health sector capacity to prevent, detect and respond to pandemics as Ebola or malaria.

To highlight once again the relation between these countries, US Ambassador Peter Henry Barlerin and his wife Inès were on an official visit to Douala on January 26, 2018. This town is the second largest city of Cameroon’s after Yaoundé, the diplomat met the traditional authorities of the Canton. During interviews with them, they mentioned many historical memories including the origin of the name Cameroon, Rios Dos Camaroes (river shrimp). At the end of the visit, Mr. Peter receives the distinction of honorary citizen of the Canton Bell.


Military help

United States and Cameroon have military relation because they are fighting against pirates in the Gulf of Guinea. As a matter of fact, they gives their military help to Cameroon to defeat the violent extremism of the Islamic State West Africa Boko Haram. In the same way, they fight against deforestation and responsibly harvest the riches of Cameroon’s wonderful forests.

In conclusion, don’t hesitate if you are or not U.S citizens and want to visit Yaoundé. You can get all information regarding U.S. citizens who are presently in Yaoundé and those who are planning to visit. Consular Section is closed to the public each second and last Wednesday of the month. Applications for passport renewals and visas, as well as immigrant visa comebacks, will not be accepted during this time.



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