University in Yaounde


In Yaounde, it’s the largest of all universities I name University of Yaounde I (Ngoa-Ekellé) create in 1971. Therefore it’s the first university of Cameroon hence the nickname “mother of universities “. In fact university in Yaounde is easily accessible for any student because most of them are located in city center. For example, Ngoa-Ekellé for example training is divide in 02 faculties and offers many formations. First we have Faculty of Science (FS) and its 09 departments with training up to the PhD is possible in all departments. Second the Faculty of Arts Letters and Humanities (FALSH) which has 04 departments.


Others Universities in Yaounde

Moreover there are great schools which you can also register because they are also consider as university in Yaounde. Obviously theses schools are attach to Yaounde 1 (Ngoa-Ekellé) as a result it’s he which delivers their diploma. Example of these schools you have

  1. Higher Normal School
  2. National School of Polytechnic
  3. Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  4. University Institute of Wood Technology of Mbalmayo

Similarly we can mention the universities that emerged after Ngoa-Ekellé and classify them. First you have the University of Yaounde II then Douala Bamenda Buea Dschang Maroua and Ngaoundere. In addition you also have private universities with the Catholic University of Central Africa, Adventist and University of the Mountains. These schools offer qualified training with different courses of your choice



In public universities, fees amount to 50,000 XAF per student and for foreigners each schools freely sets the amount. However this amount may vary depending on the agreements between Cameroon and the country of the student. Higher education in Yaoundé is mark by the LMD system (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate). This system at the national, subregional (Cemac) and international levels is based on a three-level curriculum architecture. Cameroon has joined the Cemac LMD system and most of Schools in Yaounde started applying it in 2007.

In summary Cameroon offers a school curriculum open to all those wishing to train for both national and international citizens. Yaounde is home to most of these universities and the same is true for other cities in the country. Moreover you will find in these universities short academic courses recognize nationally and internationally. With this intention the training for this is 2 years after your high school certificate.


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