Famous food delicacies in Yaounde

Basic foods in Cameroon include cassava, yams, rice, plantain, potatoes, sweet potatoes, maize, beans, millet, a wide variety of taro and a wide variety of vegetables . The French introduced French bread widely consumed and a staple in the French-speaking regions of Cameroon (Yaounde and Douala), while in the English-speaking parts (South-West), British breads known locally as “Kumba bread” and a less rich form of rollers. The main source of protein for most people is fish, poultry is also eaten and beef. Bushmeat, was commonly consumed, some of the most sought after species in Yaoundé being the pangolin, the porcupine and the giant rat. Although, because of their rarity, they are now considered candies. There is also a thriving illegal trade in endangered bushmeat species such as chimpanzees and gorillas.

Traditional cuisine differs according to the regions you visit, each with its own specialties. In Yaoundé, for example, and in Central Province more generally, the typical dishes are kpwem, ndomba nam, nam wondo and okok. Kpwem is made from crushed cassava leaves mixed with palm nut juice. It is usually accompanied by plantain bananas (less sweet and pasty than fruit), macabo (a variety of tubers that cook like potatoes), cassava sticks or manioc. It is a very nutritious dish, which is the basic diet of the majority of the population and is known to increase the longevity of the one who eats it. The ndomba nam, meanwhile, is served in most restaurants in Yaoundé. It is fish or meat, mixed with peanut puree, all stewed in banana leaves. The nam wondo is a kind of ndomba nam (but sometimes the peanut paste is replaced by cucumbers), accompanied by miondos or bobolos (small sticks of manioc) or macabo. Finally, okok is a vegetarian dish, made from gnetum leaves cooked in palm nut juice, to which crushed peanuts are added.


The Cameroonian cuisine is very diversified and it is a real pleasure to eat local fruits and vegetables (oranges, bananas, plantains, cassava, peanuts, zebus, fish like sole, bar or captain). This country is one of the most productive in Africa. Finally, the main chance for Cameroonians is to have a fairly efficient farming. At the bend of a street, early in the morning, we can see small crowds, people eat donuts-beans and drink cornmeal, standing or leaning against a wall. But there is also a whole range of restaurants where you can be served all day long. It starts with the little eateries where we eat Cameroonian dishes: ndolé, meat steeped in aromatic herbs, couscous in Cameroon accompanied by cornmeal that would fill the stomachs. Braised chickens with a delicious sauce and skewers of all kinds.These dishes are served with rice, fries or plantain.

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